There's no point saying something until you have something to say. And theres no point designing new products unless they are different from everything else in the market. Being different should be more than just lip service. It means wanting to fix things that aren't broken, reinvent the wheel, and not take no for an answer.

Being innovative doesn't mean changing the colour or making the logo bigger. And its not about making something 2% lighter and 20% more expensive. Or being fashionable but doing the same stuff as everyone else. The way we see innovation is about building things from the ground up. Reinventing the wheel, thinking outside the circle, and being inspired by going surfing.

After too many cold and damp nights waxed into a boardbag trying to sleep we thought there's got to be a better way. You don't need to be the next Einstein to work out our designs… the formula is pretty simple - make it simple and make it functional. Like the guy that invented the bic pen who was pushing his wheelbarrow and thought, hey if I put a rolling ball in a pen it will disperse the ink better. 

Inspiration can come in different ways. It may be listening to "riders in the storm" or it may be buying a new tennis bag and realising that theres a compartment that keeps your rancid shoes in their own zone to stop polluting the whole bag. Its not genius but it makes life easier and provides functionality.

The name Curve came about because we wanted something simple, pure and refined. Something powerful and that surfers can relate to. Kelly Slater summed it up when he said "I'd say my basic inspiration for surfing is just the curve of the wave." Inspiration seems like a good thing to base a brand around.

Lastly, we'd like to encourage you to test our gear, evaluate it, and let us know what you think and how it could be improved. This helps us in our dedication of improving our existing products. It also helps in the design of new products that are simple and functional, products that will help you to seek, find and surf where the waves are best.

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