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Australia Surf Changing Mats, Surf Changing Ponchos, Surf Buckets, Surf Tubs, Wetsuit Bags, Wetsuit Glue, Surf Bags, Wetsuit Hangers, Sunscreen, Sunblock, Wetsuit Shampoo - Curve has a great range of essential changing gear to help protect your stuff and make the transition into and out of your wetsuit simpler, easier and more enjoyable. And the transportation of your wet gear keeping it separate, and your dry gear keeping it dry!

Wetsuit care tips

Taking good care of your wetsuit will make your wetsuit last longer. Regular care will extend the life of your wetsuit and save you money. Take good care of your wetsuit and it will keep you warm and in the water longer all year. Here are some wetsuit care tips.

Dont expose your wetsuit to rough ground abrasion from the ground, sand and dirt will abrade the wetsuit fabric wearing down the nylon layer of your wetsuit. This can result in weakpoints which in turn can lead to holes, rips or tears over time. Changing on a wetsuit mat can significantly extend the lifetime of your wetsuit.

Heat-the enemy of wetsuit fabric The wetsuit material will break down if you rinse your wetsuit in hot water. Always use cold or warm water. Don’t leave your wetsuit in the sun! The UV rays will deteriorate the wetsuit fabric really fast. Dry your wetsuit in the shade if possible. Don’t leave your wetsuit in your car or trunk of your car for an extended time on a hot day. Soft-boiled wetsuit? Not good.

Dry your wetsuit inside out first  Don’t leave your wetsuit wet and dirty. Rinse it with fresh water and hang it to dry on a SlideHanger. Don’t use a shoulder hanger. Dry your wetsuit inside out first. You should always, carefully peel your wetsuit off inside- out anyway. Once the inside is dry, turn the wetsuit right side out to finish drying. Store your wetsuit on the SlideHanger™ to reduce fabric stress. Don’t store your wetsuit on a shoulder hanger.

Rinse your Wetsuit in Fresh Water after each use. And don’t ever wash your wetsuit in the washing machine! Or, dry it in the dryer! Or, use bleach, clothes washing detergent, stain remover, fabric softener, olive oil, jet fuel etc. And, don’t iron your wetsuit either! We didn’t really have to say that right? Use hypoallergenic biodegradable Slosh soap - which is made especially for washing and freshening your wetsuit and also keeps it soft and supple. And remember, always wash your wetsuit by hand in fresh water!

Does your wetsuit smell? If your wetsuit starts getting smelly, wash away wetsuit funk by putting your wetsuit in a tub of fresh water (not hot). Add some Slosh wetsuit shampoo and gently wash it by hand. Rinse your wetsuit, and then dry it on a SlideHanger™ in the fresh air.

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Surf Poncho Towel Hooded Surf Towel - the Yinyang in DUAL SIDED COTTON FABRIC !! *NEW* 100% SOFT COTTON INTERIOR + DURABLE MICROFIBER EXTERIOR Australia surf poncho towel surf changing hoodie towel surf changing robe surfer poncho in revolutionary new dual sided warm soft cotton inside + protective durable microfiber outside   🌘 cover...
Kids Surf Poncho Australia / Childs Changing Towel Robe with Hood in DUAL SIDED COTTON FABRIC !! Australia kids surf changing towel / childs hooded changing robe / kids surfer poncho - perfect for changing at the beach and pool after any swimming activity - Curve Yinyang Poncho Junior!   ✌ two sizes to choose...
Kids Surf Poncho Australia / Childs Changing Towel Robe with Hood made from 100% Cotton kids surf changing towel / childs hooded changing robe / kids surfer poncho - perfect for changing at the beach and after any swimming activity - Curve El Poncho Junior! two sizes to choose from...
Surf Poncho Towel Hooded Surf Towel Australia Hooded Beach Towel in thick microfibre for Surfers Australia surf poncho towel surf changing robe surfer poncho - Curve El Poncho! surf ponchos are the perfect way to cover up when changing your wetsuit in public and avoid mooning the carpark! *new* front hand pocket /...
Surf Towel Poncho Australia changing robe / surf poncho towel / changing poncho beach towel made from 100% cotton - Curve El Poncho! Australia surf change beach towel / surf towel poncho / surf changing robe / surf changing poncho - Curve El Poncho! cover up when changing in public...
Childs Beach Towel Hooded Kids Towels Australia Childrens Hooded Towel Ponchos - Childs Towel Poncho in microfibre Australia kids hooded surf towel / childs hooded surf towel / kids surfer poncho - perfect for changing at the beach and after any swimming activity - Curve El Poncho! great for use as a childs hooded beach...
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