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Curve offers an awesome range of Surf Gifts that are perfect for the Surfer in your life!! We offer an exclusive range of unique product that isnt easy to find - making a great surf gift even for the hard to buy for surfer - from surf ponchos to surf changing gear to wetsuit cleaning products to hawaiian dashboard dolls - we have something special right here. Gift some Curve and spread the stoke!! :)
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ūüŹĄ‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ Shopping for¬†the board rider in your life, but not sure what to give them, or run out of time for delivery?¬† ūü§ô Help spread the stoke - without spreading the Covid-19 virus - with a Curve GIFT CARD¬†- no shipping required¬† ūüíĮ Gift cards can be redeemed for any...
Hawaii Hula Dashboard Bobble Doll Australia by Curve you drive, she sways!¬† With her infectious ‚Äėfeel good‚Äô vibe, Curves iconic Hula Girl is like an instant good day pick-me-up, that will bring your car to life. She‚Äôs super fun and ready to share your journey. The more bumps on the...
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Keypod - Key Lock Keysafe Surf Lock Box / Key Safe Combination Padlock Australia the keypod key lock surf lock box secures keys to car while you surf! this handy keysafe attaches to all vehicle types fits all vehicle keys and immobilisers great for non waterproof electronic keys, immobilisers and...
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Car Door Step Ladder Australia for easy Roof Rack Access, attaches via Car Door Latch This simple to use Car Door Step provides an instant and solid stepping platform for easy access to the roof of your vehicle. Super convenient and handy for loading gear onto a roof rack, including surfboards and SUP boards, camping equipment,...
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Sharkbanz 2 Australia Shark Repellent and Deterrent Device to Shield Sharks *NEW* Sharkbanz 2 - we now only stock Sharkbanz 2 Sharkbanz 2 has now been released and is more powerful with a higher magnetic strength than the original version. Sharkbanz Shark Deterrent Bands only AUD$164.95 with free shipping are an easy way to...
changebag surf change mat / wetsuit bag Australia - surf changing mat  the changebag surf change mat is simple genius - a surf changing mat that doubles as a wesuit bag!  get changed on the open bag, leave your wet wetsuit on it and pull the strings to create a...
Wetsuit Hanger Australia the Hangpro Slide Hanger is the best way to dry your wetsuit quickly, easily and without placing any stress on the shoulders of your wetsuit! The Slide Hanger is not your typical wetsuit coat hanger. The Slide Hanger has been designed differently, to eliminate wetsuit shoulder wear and fatigue...
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Wetsuit Hanger & Cleaner in one - the Rinse Hanger! Rinse Hanger - Wetsuit Hanger Australia for easy wetsuit cleaning and faster wetsuit drying. RINSE CAPABILITY the only wetsuit hanger with easy rinse capability for the inside of your wetsuit FASTER & EASIER CLEANING just turn the tap and the rinse hanger...
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Wetsuit Hanger - the Hook Up - Magnetic Wetsuit Hanger Australia by Northcore The "Hook Up" wetsuit hanger is a simple, versatile and easy to use magnetic wetsuit drying hook - designed to provide a drying attachment for wet wetsuits while traveling. Featuring a powerful 65mm magnet the hook up...
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Surflogic Wetsuit Hanger Suction Hook  Heavy-Duty Utility Wetsuit Hanger Hook Australia - Conveniently Hang, Dry, & Preserve Up To 10kg of Wet Wetsuit! The Surflogic Wetsuit Suction Hook is the perfect option if you are looking for a reliable, non-permanent, and easily removable hanging solution. This heavy-duty, multi-purpose, utility suction hook is...
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Wetsuit Hanger Strap Surflogic Strap Carabiner Accessory System - compatible with Northcore Magnetic Wetsuit Hanger, Hangpro and other Wetsuit Hanging Systems Australia   Surflogic Wetsuit Hanger Strap enables endless hanging options - hang your gear on a tree limb, on your roof racks, at your campsite, on your caravan, on...
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Underwater Kinetics Wetsuit Dryer Hanger Australia Power dry your gear with the HangAir Turbo Fan Hanger Dryer, a system that dries in hours, not days.   ** Pre-order now for May delivery **   Using a built-in high-power turbo fan, the HangAir dries your suit faster, slows the development of...
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Surflogic Wetsuit Pro Dryer Australia - The Fastest Way To Dry & Store Wetsuits Get Dry, Keep Warm! Does anyone enjoy putting on a cold, stinky, wet wetsuit? you no longer need to be put off by the thought... ** Imagine a world where you can have a dry wetsuit...
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100% Natural Sunscreen Australia SPF50 Kawakawa & Tamanu Natural Sun Block 100ml or 150g  Earth's Kitchen 100% Natural SPF50 Sunscreen is the world's first BioGro's NATRUE certified natural sunscreen SPF50+ Using natural ingredients from New Zealand feels wonderful on your skin, smells amazing, and is also reef safe.  NO genetically modified or...
Candle - Sexwax Scented Candle Australia Sexwax scented candles are available in two scents Strawberry and Grape. These candles have lead free wicks and are contained within a 4 ounce clear glass jar. Sexwax candles will provide a long lasting flame for up to 30 hours or more.
Surfboard Wax Scraper Wax Remover - Wax Fresh Australia Give your board a birthday by cleaning off that old wax for a fresh feel and stronger hold under your feet when you re-apply. Ergonomic Design Recycled Plastic 100% Recyclable Designed & Made in Australia By Surfers for Surfers
Surfboard Soft Racks Australia - Lockdown Soft Roof Racks (pair) soft roof racks for surfboards & soft racks for SUP in Australia designed to fit most Australian cars with a roof luxurious 25mm foam padding protects surfboards, surfboard rails and vehicle roof 3 connection methods: thru-doors, loadbars or gutters/sills single...
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SUP Car Racks / SUP Soft Rack Australia (pair) by Curve - the best Soft Rack system that connects your Stand Up Paddle Boards to your Car SUP soft racks feature super secure LOCKDOWN single loop system which cocoons around Stand Up Paddle Boards eliminating lift, slide and flutter 25mm foam...
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Lockable Tie Down Straps / Lockable Surfboard Tie Downs for attaching Surfboards to Car Roof Racks Australia all in one theft deterrent- lock your boards to your car roof rack! Steel-COR Technology utilises 3 steel cables sewn into each strap to prevent being cut secure SUP boards, surfboards, kayaks, bikes and more....
Steelcore Lockable Tie Down Straps Australia [pair] Steelcore theft resistant locking surfboard tie down straps are ideal for securing your surfboards to your vehicle roof racks. "security isnt expensive, its priceless" these premium straps are super solid and feature a chunky strong braided 7/19 galvanized steel cable, embedded into a cut-resistant, heavyweight webbing comprised...
Surfboard Lock Australia, SUP Lock Australia - Surfboard & SUP Leash Plug Locking System - SUP & Surfboard Security Australia Northcore surfboard locks are probably the best on the market in terms of cost, flexibility and quality of construction. There are two models - the "Lockjaw" Fin Box lock, and the Leash Plug lock (this listing) The...
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Longboard Fin Lock Australia - Surfboard & SUP Locking System SUP & Surfboard Security via fin box Northcore surfboard locks are probably the best on the market in terms of cost, flexibility and quality of construction. There are two models - the "Lockjaw" Fin Box lock (this listing), and a Leash Plug lock.  The Lockjaw...
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Surf Towel Poncho Australia changing robe / surf poncho towel / changing poncho beach towel made from 100% cotton - Curve El Poncho! Australia surf change beach towel / surf towel poncho / surf changing robe / surf changing poncho - Curve El Poncho! cover up when changing in public...
Kids Surf Poncho Australia / Childs Changing Towel Robe with Hood made from 100% Cotton kids surf changing towel / childs hooded changing robe / kids surfer poncho - perfect for changing at the beach and after any swimming activity - Curve El Poncho Junior! two sizes to choose from...
Surf Poncho Towel Hooded Surf¬†Towel - the Yinyang in DUAL SIDED COTTON FABRIC !! *NEW* 100% SOFT COTTON INTERIOR + DURABLE MICROFIBER EXTERIOR Australia¬†surf poncho¬†towel surf changing hoodie towel surf changing robe surfer poncho in revolutionary new dual sided warm soft cotton inside + protective durable microfiber¬†outside ¬† ūüĆė cover...
Kids Surf Poncho Australia / Childs Changing Towel Robe with Hood in¬†DUAL SIDED COTTON FABRIC !! Australia¬†kids surf changing towel / childs hooded changing robe / kids surfer poncho - perfect for changing at the beach and pool after any swimming activity - Curve¬†Yinyang Poncho¬†Junior! ¬† ‚úƬ†two sizes to choose...
Surf Poncho Towel Hooded Surf Towel Australia Hooded Beach Towel in thick microfibre for Surfers Australia surf poncho towel surf changing robe surfer poncho - Curve El Poncho! surf ponchos are the perfect way to cover up when changing your wetsuit in public and avoid mooning the carpark! *new* front hand pocket /...
Childs Beach Towel Hooded Kids Towels Australia Childrens Hooded Towel Ponchos - Childs Towel Poncho in microfibre Australia kids hooded surf towel / childs hooded surf towel / kids surfer poncho - perfect for changing at the beach and after any swimming activity - Curve El Poncho! great for use as a childs hooded beach...
Car Air Freshener by Sexwax Bring the smell of Mr. Zog's Sexwax into your car, office or home with Sexwax Air Fresheners. The original Coconut scent of Sexwax will have you instantly dreaming of tropical beaches and crystal barrels.
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 Surfboard Wax Travel Pack includes:  2 x surfboard wax blocks 1x surfboard wax comb 1x spare leash string  all protected in a no mess plastic carry case
Surfboard Wax Australia - Sticky Johnson hand made surfboard wax 100% hand-made in New Zealand, Sticky Johnson wax is a rub above the rest. Yes you heard right, the crew at Sticky J care so much about their product they make it themselves by hand. How's that for commitment to...
Quick Humps Sexwax Surfboard Wax Australia Sexwax Quick Humps surfboard wax formulas are the "go to" choice for professional and experienced surfers around the world, now packaged in recyclable paperboard boxes. This new package is easy to open and can be reused to keep your leftover or partially used wax...
Surfboard Wax Alternative -¬†Van Der Waal Clear Surfboard Grip Australia You probably have a deep and lasting relationship with surfboard wax and probably have questions about why you would ditch old mate with a clear, non-skid alternative!? ūü§∑‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ ¬† Surf Grip. Simplified Should we really need to worry about regularly...