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Surfboard Wax Australia - Sticky Johnson hand made surfboard wax 100% hand-made in New Zealand, Sticky Johnson wax is a rub above the rest. Yes you heard right, the crew at Sticky J care so much about their product they make it themselves by hand. How's that for commitment to...
Quick Humps Sexwax Surfboard Wax Australia Sexwax Quick Humps surfboard wax formulas are the "go to" choice for professional and experienced surfers around the world, now packaged in recyclable paperboard boxes. This new package is easy to open and can be reused to keep your leftover or partially used wax...
 Surfboard Wax Travel Pack includes:  2 x surfboard wax blocks 1x surfboard wax comb 1x spare leash string  all protected in a no mess plastic carry case
surfboard deck grip, deck grips, surfboard tail pads, tail pad, surfboard traction pad Australia Sticky Johnson surfboard grip - NZ's premiere surfboard tail pad uses premium quality EVA foam and 3M adhesive. Super grippy diamond square cut means unreal traction. Once you try 'em you’ll be stuck on 'em.....get on board!...
Surfboard Wax Alternative - Van Der Waal Clear Surfboard Grip Australia You probably have a deep and lasting relationship with surfboard wax and probably have questions about why you would ditch old mate with a clear, non-skid alternative!? 🤷‍♂️   Surf Grip. Simplified Should we really need to worry about regularly...
FRONT surfboard deck grip / FRONT surfboard tail pad surfboard traction pad Australia Sticky Johnson now also make Front surfboard grip! NZ's best surfboard tail pad uses premium quality EVA foam and 3M adhesive. Super grippy diamond square cut means unreal traction. super thin 1.5mm pad base to maximise board sensitivity under...
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Surfboard Wax Remover Australia Surfboard wax remover - easily removes wax and grime off your surfboard. Hint: first use a Curve Power Wax Scraper to easily remove the bulk of your wax. Remove all remaining wax residue with an old rag and a lot of elbow grease, or rub in...
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Surfboard Fin & Wax Tool Australia All-in-one surfboard fin remover tool that installs & removes FCS II fins + combs & removes surfboard wax   Surfboard Fin removal tool from Surflogic is a super handy and functional surf tool that solves a few of your day-to-day struggles in one simple...
Surfboard Tool Australia - 8 functions in 1 Introducing the ultimate surfboard sidekick, the Surfboard Multi Tool! This 8-in-1 lifesaver has everything you need for your surfing travels including fin key, screwdrivers, bottle opener, twist top opener, wax comb, and wax remover. Enjoy the convenience of having all your equipment in one...
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Cannonball Surfboard Wax Remover Australia by Phix Doctor  The Cannonball surfboard wax remover pickle really is just a soft black ball filled with 100% recycled surfboard wax absorbing fluff! A re-usable, chemical free oddity that lets you thoroughly remove wax from any board, and it comes with a free wax...
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 Surfboard Wax Scraper Australia surfboard wax removal scraper tool  say goodbye to old scabby wax plastic edge sharp enough to slice through wax, but soft enough so wont damage your board   wax off, wax off! Excess wax buildup can affect the performance of your board by adding unnecessary weight....
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Surfboard Wax Comb Australia by Curve Surfboard wax comb, fin key, wax scraper straight, wax scraper curved, and bottle opener all in one. Strong construction with all stainless steel parts and solid plastic substrate
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Surfboard Wax Scraper Australia surfboard wax power scraper say goodbye to old scabby wax moulded ergonomic comfort grip handle beveled edge sharp enough to slice through wax, but wont damage your board 15cm / 6" tall and 9cm / 3.5" at widest point curved at one edge for easy rail...
Surfboard Wax Scraper Wax Remover - Wax Fresh Australia Give your board a birthday by cleaning off that old wax for a fresh feel and stronger hold under your feet when you re-apply. Ergonomic Design Recycled Plastic 100% Recyclable Designed & Made in Australia By Surfers for Surfers
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